Blockcade 10 – Can you Feel the Force?

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted this one in the background of a few other shots already – possibly the most iconic cabinet in arcade history, the Star Wars Cockpit.

Get your own spaceship mate, honestly

This is a big build, so pour a large glass of something nice and settle in for the long haul

Start with two 2×8 plates (or one 4×8)
Join them together with a 2×2
Add a 1×2 with four knobs to the back
And a 2×2 hinge
Add a 2×2 flat plate to the fixed part of the hinge
And repeat for the other side
Start on the back “window” with a 2×4 flat plate
Add a 1×4 block with four knobs
And then a 4×3 window frame
A 1×2 block with four knobs is used to link to the top section
Another hinge goes along the side
And this piece then attaches to the main base
We put a 2×3 plate between the two hinges
And then a 1×6 flat plate to lock the two hinges together
Repeat that for the other side
Add a 2×4 flat plate to the top of the window
To start building the “solid” roof we start with a 1×8 flat plate and a 1x2x2 block attached to that loose hinge
We add a second 1x2x2 block
And another hinge
We can’t use another 1x2x2 block so just add a standard 1×2 block
And then a 1×2 plate
We add another 1×2 block with knobs on to the loose end of the hinge
We then work along the other side in the same fashion – this time with 3 1x2x2 blocks (the blocks on opposite sides won’t lock together but will be held in place by the rest of the model)
We then add a 3×4 (minifig base) piece underneath
And two 2×4 flat plates to the sides
And the same two 2×4 flat plates to the extruding pieces next to the window
We now go back to the floor level and add a minifig seat
And then a 1×2 “hand” piece to the front
We then build the large square panel by starting with a 2×4 flat plate
Add a second 2×4 flat plate and a 1×2 block with knobs
Attach this to the top of the 1×2 hand piece
Then a 2×4 plate with a 1×2 shaft piece
Which then attaches to the waiting hand
Add a second “hand” and shaft (oo-er missus) pair to the other side of the 2×4 plate
Prepare two more of these with the knobs reversed as above
Attach these to above the 2×4 plate
And then another 1×3 minifig base plate
Add a 2×4 plate to the centre of the minifig base
And another one to hold that in place
Attach a second square panel (two 2×4 flat plates and a 1×2 block with knobs) to the other sideAdd
Build the controller and screen housing with a 1×2 block
Add a 1×2 plate with a central shaft to hold the controller
And a rocker base and plate to hold the screen
Add a 1×1 hand plate to the shaft
Followed by the screen (the now familiar 2×2 flat plate)
Then a 1×1 upwards hand piece
And a standard handlebar piece in the colour of your choice
Attach that to the interior of the model in front of the seat

Now comes the tricky part, you should now be able to fold the model along the various hinges to get the cockpit shape.

Start by pulling everything into the right general position
And then join the two minifig plates together. If you get it right then the 2×4 flat plate towards the top of the machine should nicely overlap the two 2×4 flat plates that hold the Vader image

You can then adjust the various angles to get the whole piece into the right places. You could possibly use two 2×6 flat plates instead of the minifig bases to get a cleaner front end.

Images – you’ll need to do left and right side versions of these – these are the left side images – just reverse them for the other side.

Vader/Deathstart – scale to 30mm x 30mm
X-Wing chasing Tie fighter – this goes along the back edge – scale to 15mm x 30mm
Lonely X-Wing, this goes on the 2×2 flat plate under the Tie-Fighter above – scale to 15mm x 15mm
X-Wing under fire – this overlaps the Vader/Deathstar image and scales to 15mm x 30mm
The top banner goes along the 1×8 flat plate – scale to 7mm by 60mm

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