Blockcade 9 – Run the Gauntlet

Another of the most instantly recognisable machines from the classical era – Gauntlet. This was a monster cab and it’s a big build…

I was preparing a complicated Elf Shot Food joke, but I don’t have a Legolas mini-fig, you’ll have to imagine it.
Start with a standard 2×4 block
Add a 1×2 block
And a 2×4 plate
Repeat on the other side with another 2×4 block and 1×2 block to create a bridge
Add two 2×3 blocks to create the base for the control panel
Add two rocker bases to hold the bottom of the screen
And the control panel piece is a 2×4 flat plate
Start building up the back with 1x2x2 blocks
Add three more to finish the back
Add a 1×1 block with one knob and a 2×4 flat plate to make up the side panels
And repeat on the other side
Start building the monitor with a rocker base
Add a rocker plate
Add this to the centre of the main cab
Put the rest to one side and take a 3×4 window frame and add two rocker plates to the underside edge
Add two rocker plates to the top edge
And attach to the rocker plates above the control panel
The monitor starts life as a 2×3 block
Add a 1×2 plate to the rear
A 1×2 flat plate will hold the right hand side of the widescreen (the score panel)
And a 2×2 flat plate for the main game screen
Attach this to the central rocker plate and angle to be in line with the monitor frame
Start building the marquee/speaker box with a 2×4 plate
Add a 2×4 flat plate
Add a 1×2 block with four knobs to the back of the 2×4 plate
With a rocker plate underneath to attach to the top of the monitor
Repeat for the other side
Add a 2×4 flat plate to hold the marquee/speaker image
Add a 1×4 plate to the centre to fill that gap between the front and back plates
Add two 1×4 flat plates to finish off the box
Attach the marquee to the top of the model and you’re done
A screen shot – feel free to find a better one – scale to 15mm x 15mm
The stats page – attach next to the screen and scale to 15mm x 7mm
Control panel – scale to 15mm x 30mm
Coin instruction cards – scale to 30mm x 8mm and place underneath the control panel
Marquee image – scale to 15mm x 30mm and attach to the top box.
Side art images – scale to 30mm x 40mm

You’ll need to cut out the side art images as below – I found that printing two copies for each side and overlapping the images on the top and bottom bricks gave the best results


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