Blockcade 7 – Pinblock

Luckily for my bank account, I’ve never really felt the urge to start collecting Pinball machines, but they still have a place in any good arcade. This is a simple build but really nicely effective.

I think the Doctor would probably appreciate a good pin more than those new-fangled arcade machines
Start with a 1×2 handle
Add a 2x2x2 roof tile
And another handle for the back legs
Use a 2×3 plate to hold the back glass
Followed by a 2×2 flat plate for the glass itself

See, told you it was simple. You could use a 1x2x2 block to get a older style square table

But it does come up a little short…

Some graphics for you – back glass sized to 15mm x 15mm and playfields to 15mm x 25mm.

Black Knight



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