Blockcade 6 – Robotron and on

Another essential cab – here in US form as I was getting a bit bored of “black”

Must be a tank wave – save those Mikeys
All roads start with a single 1×1 plate
Followed by another to make a 2/3 height block
Add a 1×4 bow (if you can find a 2×2 bow then that would make the build simpler – again, appears to be a non-standard block?)
Put that to one side and start building the sides with a 2×4 flat plate
Add 2 1×1 blocks with knobs at the base
And slot that into the bow
To build the joystick base start with a 1×3 plate
Add two 1×2 plates to one end
And two 1×1 blocks with knobs as above
And attach a 1×4 flat plate

The two sides in this version of the build are asymmetric – this is to allow us to build over the top of those 1×4 bow pieces, which will form the control panel. A 2×2 bow would simplify this build

To build the other side we start with a 1×1 block with a knob to a 2×4 flat plate
Add the bow and two 1×1 plates
Followed by another 1×1 knob
Add a 1×4 flat plate
And attach to the joystick base
To create the distinctive redtop joysticks start with a 1×2 angle piece
Add a 1×1 round piece with ball – in red obviously
And something to cover the bottom part (could be a 1×2 flat plate if you prefer)
Repeat for the second joystick
And attach that to the model
To build the top half of the cab, we start with a 2×2 flat plate for the screen
Add a 1×2 hand piece
Add a 1×2 flat piece with rod
Add a 1×1 knob
And a 2×2 flat plate
Place a 1 x2 plate under the screen mount
And repeat for the other side
Suspend two 1×1 knobs in mid-air (you might need to be creative with this step)
Attach the marquee block
And then connect the two pieces together with a 2×3 plate
Attach the screen/marquee to the main model
And then finally add back in the right side of the cab that has been sitting to the side all this time

Again, you’ll notice the build is different to mine – I don’t think either of them is completely right – although this is closer to the right look. Again, it’s all about the stickers.

Marquee – size to 15mm x 7mm
Control panel – crop to 15mm wide and apply to the bow pieces, and perhaps across the front of those joysticks?
Left hand side art – size to 24mm x 30mm and cut around the top 2×2 square as high as possible. The grey doesn’t quite match, so potentially print on transparent vinyl and let the block colour come through
Right hand side – same as above but reverse the cut out
And a screen – size to 15mm x 15mm

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