Blockcade 5 – King of Blockcade

You can’t have an arcade with Donkey Kong can you – I couldn’t quite match the cabinet colours on this one, but threw an extra brick width in to show a slightly different way of building a square box with a screen…

DK has this effect on people
We start with two 1×3 blocks in a cross shape
Add a button and whatever you have to hand for a joystick to build a control panel
To build the sides start with a 2×2 flat plate
Add a 1×4 block with four knobs and a 2×4 flat plate
Add a 1×1 with one knob facing upwards
And another this time facing towards the front of the cab to hold the marquee
Attach this to the control panel
And repeat for the other side
Add a 2×3 plate to the top and a 1×3 flat plate to the front – this will add stability to the model
Start the monitor bracket with a 1×3 flat plate
Add a 1×1 “hand” to the centre
And the now familiar 2×2 screen held in place with a 1×2 plate with rod
Attach this across the two vertical blocks at the back of the model
To create a coin box/kickstand, start with a 1×3 block and attach a 1×2 black flat plate to the centre
Add two 1×2 blue flat plates to either side
Add two further 1×3 blocks (in any colour really) to the back
Slide this into the bottom and you’re done
Marquee image – scale this to 6mm x 24mm
Screen image – scale to the normal 15mm x 15mm
And side art (same on both sides) – scale to 15mm x 20mm

Not my favourite of the builds so far, to be honest, but it gets the point across and I do like the bigger marquee size.


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