Blockcade 4 – Cocktails for two

Another simple one today – I love cocktail (or tabletop) arcade machines, so of course they had to feature in the Blockcade.

Variations on a theme
We start with a Telescope for a leg (although you can use any of the cone style pieces, I just happened to have four of these)
Add a 3×4 minifig base
And a 1×3 plate to the side
Topped with a 1×3 flat plate
Add the other legs (I don’t know why the designer adds them in such an odd order)
We use a 1×2 plate with a single knob to hold the screen
Repeat the 1×3 plate and flat plate on the other side
Add a 2×2 flat plate to act as a screen
The control panel is a 1×2 with four knobs
Add a button and a joystick – I use Microphones, but any small 1×1 shaft will do
Repeat on the other side and attach to the bottom of the table

You can vary the theme a little bit – I quite like the coke can and coin on my other model, but that loses the central positioning of the screen – and, also, they’re non-standard pieces.

No cabinet graphics on these, although there is space for instruction cards. Screen graphics need to be cropped to 15mm x 15mm
And the classic spacies

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