Blockcade 3 – Into the Battlezone

A more complex build this time, for the behemoth that is the upright Battlezone cab.

I used a spoiler from a racing car for the top shroud, but that’s a non-standard part so I’ve adjusted the build steps below to use standard bits.

Start with a 3×4 baseplate (the minifig stands)
Add a 2×4 block to the back
And a 1×2 plate
Drop a 1×3 plate over the lip of the base
Use a 1×4 across the top of the monitor shroud
And another one for luck
Add a 1×4 flat plate
A 2×2 flat plate acts as the screen
Another 2×4 block on the back
Add a 2×2 flat plate with a central knob – this will hold the controls
And complete the back with a third 2×4 block
Add 1×2 plate to the bottom
And a 1×1 roof tile
Add a 1×1 plate in the centre to hold the joystick
Repeat the above steps for the other side of the cab
Add a 1×2 with pole at the top – this will hold the viewfinder
A 1×2 flat plate for the marquee
I used two wrench/spanners for the joystick but I couldn’t find those in the build a brick app, so a 1×1 block with a handlebar seemed like a reasonable substitute
Add that to the front of the cab
The viewfinder is a binocular part
Attach that to a 1×1 plate with grip
And attach that above the monitor
Marquee – scale to 15mm x 7mm
Screenshot – scale to 15mm x 15mm
Left side art – scale to 35mm x 12mm
Right side – again, scale to 35mm x 12mm

The side art stickers will go over more than one brick, which is cheating a bit, but should look better.


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