The Blockcade 2 – The Pac-enning

A simple one to follow from the Defender cab – this one uses yellow flat plates which aren’t too common (about 19p on the pick-a-brick site, albeit with fairly hefty postage), but again you could print your own stickers for the colour sides.

P-p-p-pick up a Pac-Man
Start with a 1×4 with four knobs (look, I don’t name these blocks okay, stop sniggering)
Add a 1×2 yellow flat plate to the bottom
Then a standard 2×2 block at the front
Add a 2×2 yellow (although black would be fine too) flat plate for the coin door
Add a 2×4 yellow flat plate to the side
Use a rocker to hold the screen in place
Now to build the marquee header – start with a 1×1 block with side knob
A 1×2 yellow or white flat plate will be used for the marquee itself
Attach this to the model
The screen is a 2×2 flat plate on a 1×2 rocker plate
Attach that to the rocker base and adjust the screen into position
Repeat for the other side
And attach to the main model

Again, side art images attached below – crop these as before – 15mm x 30mm for the side art, 15mm x 15mm for the screen and front panel (this might look better slightly cropped) and 15mm x 7mm for the marquee


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